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Abundance Therapies offer Independent Occupational Therapy and Consultation Services provided for home, school, and clinical environments.

Center based OT services: $150.00

Social Skills: $100.00/hr

Occupational Therapy Evaluations: $500.00

Progress Reports: $175.00

Home Based: $200.00

Social skills classes include fully integrated class's that use music, movement, theater and art to encourage self-expression & peer connection. 

Current schedules continue to be updated

Please inquire about which groups are available each season!


Jam Sessions Ages 14-18

Jam sessions utilize the compilation of music, movement and instrumentation to promote opportunities for increased communication and peer interaction.  We will explore expressive communication through music and movement along with written and visual language forms.  Jammers will explore vocal and breath work, rhythm and coordination exercises all aimed at increased communication and positive peer interactions that will create life-long friendships & shared experiences for beautiful memories for all.

Hip Hop for Ages 10-12

A fun-filled hour of hip hop/pop inspired dance, this foundational class is rooted in
supporting friends, exploring improvisation and choreography, and working together to prepare a dance showcase for family and friends at the end of the session.This class is designed to provide full body conditioning, improve coordination, and mental stimulation, but most importantly true self confidence and expression, as we explore our own unique style, from the inside out. We move, groove, give and receive inspiration from our peers.



A fun-filled hour where your child will explore the fundamentals of stage presence, engaging with their audience and peers in a class that is rooted in supporting each other and exploring their own strengths and multiple ways to express themselves. They will work together to prepare a performance to showcase for family and friends at the end of the 8 week session.

Music and Beach Camp

Abundance Therapies’ music and beach camp is designed to engage each child and individual on a multi-sensory level in the most natural environment. Throughout the course of each day, with exposure to a number of activities, all campers will be gaining self awareness and learning how to move their bodies effectively to complete each task at hand. They will be practicing how to engage in “play” with their peers learning how to respect and help themselves and their peers through team work, leadership, acceptance, and fine/gross motor skill awareness.

The camp is coordinated with a buddy system, which is based on motor skills and cognitive abilities and then assisted as needed ranging from 1:1 to a maximum 3:1 ratio. The camp integrates children and individuals of all ages and capabilities, including; Neuro-Typical Peers, teen and adult volunteers, highly skilled therapists, and musicians. Each individual will be able to explore and enjoy their world at a pace that allows for their maximum enjoyment and personal development.

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