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Kelli Smith


Occupational Therapist, MS OTR/L

Kelli received her Master of Occupational Therapy in 2008 from The Ohio State University.  She has since had the honor of working with children and their families to promote growth, Neurological development and improved over all function within their home, school and natural enviroments!  She encourages movement and increased function through the use of music and therapeutic movement strategies that help to integrate primitive reflex’s from a developmental and rehabilitate perspective.  Kelli prides herself in her ability to connect with her “children” and families through incorporating fun and motivating techniques that encourage optimal participation and success.

Kelli has gained extensive training in neurodevelopment treatments that include reflex and sensory integration, feeding, swallowing and auditory vestibular work.  After working in the school systems in Los Angeles unified school district for 1.5 years Kelli quickly realized that her skillset was best utilized in the clinical setting.  She helped to open NAPA Center’s new facility in 2009.  She joined forces in 2011 with Alyssa Parker PT, DPT and Geni King of King sound voice and movement to open One For All – Healing Arts Center.  This was one of the most compleling experience of her life.  Since closing their doors in 2017.   Kelli’s focus has been to help educate Occupational therapy students, children and their families in unique ways to fulfill their greatest abilities and function in this world. 

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Lisa Medford

As my mother watched “Dirty Dancing” in the movie theater, I made my debut with my first big kick in the womb, and have been moving and grooving through life ever since. Raised as a ballerina,I grew up performing full length ballets with the Evergreen City Ballet, directed by Wade Walthall, which has ingrained the life of a dancer in my heart, and the crooked toes of a ballerina on my feet forever. At age 16 I took a 180 and discovered my love for the Hip-Hop dance community.After moving to Los Angeles, to pursue the commercial dance industry, I enjoyed touring China as a dancer for Pop Star Jay Chou, training in New York City at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and dancing as a leading futuristic lady in Steve Aoki and Waka Flocka’s music video, “Rage the Night Away.”In 2012 I began to discover and experience the magic of working with youth, through founding “Soul of Cali”, a creative haven for youth to train through hip hop inspired dance, and explore personal style from the inside out. With this, I have choreographed and taught for the Pretenders Studio in Santa Monica for 8 years, and continue to Co-direct World Groove Summer camp, a cultural arts camp build on creating peace and oneness of all.I am grateful every day for the language of dance, as I see my own 3 year old son enjoy and express through movement in its purest form. It’s an honor to Alow in dance with all of you, just as we are. I prefer Airm pillows to soft, live music to club DJ’s, salty to sweet, and collaboration to competition.

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Stephanie Fields

Music and Theater Teacher

Stephanie was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended college at Southeast Missouri State University, before transferring to California State University, Fullerton. Since graduating, California State University, Fullerton in 2012 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts she went on to complete the improvisation of acting program at Second City Hollywood. Stephanie spent two summers teaching theatre and music at the Children’s Playhouse Theatre in West Hollywood, and began working as Assistant Program Coordinator at iMusic United Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing music education to schools without funding. Stephanie began her personal journey with music at a young age singing in choir from elementary school through high school in St. Louis, Missouri. With a passion for performing, she went on to do musical theatre at both SEMO and CSUF. Here she studied both acting and vocal performance. Upon graduating her mother gifted her with her acoustic guitar. She states “ It was the best gift I have ever received! Some of my favorite childhood memories were when my mother would play this guitar to my siblings and I.” She immediately taught herself how to play that guitar and began writing her own music.


After college she began her music career singing back up vocals in a Led-Zeppelin cover band. This led to becoming the lead singer in a new classic rock cover band called Beauties and the Beast. They played all over Los Angeles, eventually landing a weekly residency at The Whaler in Venice, CA. She transitioned from performing only cover songs to writing and singing her own original songs thus forming a band Vista Blue. After meeting Kelli Smith, from Abundance Therapies while working at a restaurant in Santa Monica called Rock N’ Pies. They began discussing their shared love for music, which led to Kelli sharing how she uses music as a tool to motivate and engage children with special needs toward movement and all functional activities. Stephanie felt compelled to join Kelli in her mission to help these awesome kids and their families. The rest is history! It has been nearly two years now that Stephanie has been inspiring and sharing her love of music and theatre with the incredible kids at Abundance Therapies! She states “That’s the thing about music. It changes you in the best of ways, and connects you with the right people at the right time, it’s Magic.”


Kaitlynn Hunker

My name is Kaitlynn Hunker, and I'm an occupational therapist with Abundance Therapies, Inc. I received my master's of occupational therapy degree from The Ohio State University. I'm originally from Ohio, but I have been living and loving the California life since 2014. 

My current positions have tremendously shaped my practice and skill set by challenging me to work within a variety of contexts, settings, and teams. As a result, I have a well-rounded background including experience in homes, schools, the community, and the clinic with children from birth to 21 years old. I've been working with most of my families for several years now and truly love being such an integral part of their care teams! I've gained a great deal of experience in addressing sensory integration, reflex integration, fine and gross motor skills, self-care skills, social skills, and handwriting. I also truly enjoy incorporating my passion for dance into my therapy practice as often as possible as a therapy modality to address strength, coordination, endurance, sensory integration, social skills, and so much more! 

I am forever grateful to be a part of a team of the most passionate, brilliant, and creative therapists and educators this world has to offer. Each of my colleagues have contributed so much to the therapist I am today, and I couldn't be more excited to continue to grow, create, educate, and explore with them to share all we can with the world! 

Proud Partners:


Adrian's Place

Growing Side by Side

Geni King (Auditory Trainer)


In The Making  is a historical journey documenting how yesterday's music and today's special needs children bridge the gap of communication. A group of cinematographers cover the summer beach concert, Full Moon Fever (performed by boys and girls with autism) and discover first-hand the magic this program evokes.

In Connection with Abundance Therapies
Directed & Produced by Michael Foster
Executive Producer Ryan Litzinger
Filmed by Jon Edwards and Michael Foster
Edited by Michael Foster


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