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Abundance Therapies is dedicated to helping individuals establish, restore, or maintain their mind, voice, bodies and souls through a unique therapy process. We do this by utilizing music, instrumentation movement and the Arts to increase or enhance fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, postural control strength and endurance. The program is centered around building upon and promoting positive relationships and experiences to last a life time.

Be prepared to enter a world of creative, invested, trained, enthusiastic, passionate professionals who go above and beyond! They have shown an ability to provide traditional occupational therapy and also to be out of the box thinkers, barrier breakers, bridge builders, and lots of fun! I have seen them design very individual programs for students with mild to severe disabilities and incredibly rare disorders. I have witnessed the staff of Abundance therapies participate in trainings in new techniques based on the needs of even just one client. For my own son, they have designed and implemented groups, home school curriculum, and community connections.  They even played a lead roll in beginning and sustaining an NPA because it was necessary for my son’s individual needs. I would not want to be on this special needs journey without them! —Kimberly Kleiner

Big Wave

Founded by Kelli Smith, MOTR/L in 2005, initially working with special needs children using gymnastics as a tool to address and improve motor planning, organization of behavior, body awareness, strength and endurance thus allowing the child to function more appropriately in life. Utilizing music and instrumentation combined with other more traditional therapeutic approaches such as NDT and Sensory integration in the Rehabilitative, Mental Health and Pediatric Setting.


Her work with special needs children has been the most challenging, compelling and rewarding experience of her life. She truly feels as if this is the tip of the iceberg.

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